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took me WAY to long to get these images transparent...

this is GLEEBY!1!! he uses his EAR to fly :]

this is glub..hes tramsgendr and pronoun-pilled, boy-MAXXING

Life update 05/15/24 Todays blog is all about...belonging and shiit. I've always had a hard time feeling like i "belong". Everytime i start to feel relaxed or like im in the right place in life my brain starts feeding me these lies about how im not good enough and i need to be anxious or something bad will happen.

1 of the things we dont talk about enough with childhood truama/cptsd.. is how fuckin HARD it is to life a "normal" life when you've never had 1 b4. LIKE im on panic mode 24/7 its all my brain/body knows and it ill be having a normal ass day and my brains like "alright sometime bad must be about to happen so its time to panic"

on to nicer things... Im working on some 'shrines' so thats nice.. i also still need to add that darnn homebar

Started T! + Blog update 04/25/24 YUUPP YEAHH I started T today im so happy. ALSO NEW PAGEEEE I upgraded the blog from a tiny part of my homepage to its own page. im def getting better at coding because i threw up this page so fast? i mean i refrenced my old code ofc but that aside there was just less trial and error. i have lots of plans for this page. I want it to feel both underwater/swampy i also plan on keeping with my silly little rainworld inspo for now.

Sources used for this update rain effect source , scrollbar

Site live :3 04/22/24 I've been working on this site for 3 months...I finished a prototype for an "entry page style index" yk.. one of those where you click a "enter here" button. It was cool, it was a sewer grate with the enter on the do not enter sign being clickable. Ngl tho after coding for weeks I sat back and was like "i hate this". so I scraped the whole thing and started over. I'm more happy with this version, I plan to add much more but for now theres not enough content to make another page anyway. I'm adding some new pages and a homebar next..